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Welcome to Conscious Muscle Vegan Fitness & Nutrition! This is coach Jordan, what I do is very simple, I get Vegans in the best shape of their life!

On top of that I also help people make the transition to full vegan all while keeping their goals in mind.

If you are ready to get in the best shape of your life the process is easy. Simply purchase your program, after which you’ll be directed to your beginning questionnaire. Once you fill that out and get it my way I’ll have everything back to you within 24 hours. At this time we can go over any questions, make any potential adjustments & ensure everything is a perfect fit prior to you getting started. Now we move towards results in full force!

Coach Jordan


Saving the world one rep and one bite at a time!

One-on-One Coaching – $249

Get the best of everything – Let’s set you up for success!

Your personalized program covers Nutrition, Training, Fitness Coaching, Check-Ins, and Support with continued coaching.

We’ll start with a questionnaire once your purchase is completed, where I will get all of the information I need to set up a customized program for you.


Transformation Package – $149

The Macro + Menu Package PLUS Workout Guide

The Transformation program is a combination of both your personalized nutrition guide/menu as well as your training for the most optimal of results! I have helped literally thousands upon thousands of clients utilizing this program to reach their goals.


Macro + Menu Package – $99

The Macro program is your nutrition designed around your body and goals, personalized with the questionnaire you receive upon purchase.

What I do is give you your personalized macro profile, meaning the amount of calories to eat as well as how much of each macro nutrient. Macro nutrients being proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This is incredibly beneficial when utilizing my fitness pal or a calorie tracking app.


Workout Guide – $99

This workout program is designed around your body, goals and training availability based on the information given with your beginning questionnaire you receive upon purchase.

The workout can be done successfully from the gym or home with the equipment you have available. You can get by with nothing more than your body weight and a few challenging dumbbells or bands. Anything above and beyond that is a plus!

In conjunction with your programming you also receive real email support from myself, this means answering questions as they arise and adjustment to your routine as needed to ensure it’s a perfect fit.



“Working with Jordan in the past was really awesome! He gave me detailed workouts as well as macros to follow and a sample diet to start me off. He always answered any question I had and tweaked my nutrition when I needed it. My strength didn’t decrease much even though I was cutting. I definitely recommend him as a coach!”

“9 weeks ago, I was frustrated with the progress I was making on my self-designed workout regime. I took a chance and contacted Jordan from Conscious Muscle, not expecting to be able to afford Jordan’s coaching. Not only are his guides affordable, they work! I have lost 16 pounds, and have gained lots of muscle! Jordan is also very positive, inspiring and motivational. I could not be happier with my gains and will continue to follow his advice!”

“Jordan has gone above and beyond what I had initially expected. Simply based on my first month training with Jordan’s help i am astonished with the results I am getting. It’s obvious that Jordan’s motives are to break vegan stereotypes and to help people become better versions of themselves both of which I’d say he’s accomplishing; not too mention look at those freaking forearms!”

Gordon H, Instagram @Th3_Gr33n_Giant
“I’ve only been training online with Jordan for a month, but after 7 months of working out with no results, I’m FINALLY seeing changes in my body! I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in a month and I feel great. Training with Jordan gives me the structure and support I need to yield results, and seeing his positive posts are always motivating and inspiring. I advise anyone who is vegan, or isn’t against dabbling in veganism to contact Jordan. You can see the results you’re daydreaming of right now!”