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Why Vegan, Why now?

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Its a valid question with a multitude of answers. The answers vary from person to person and here are mine.
For those whom are ever curious my information or “reasons” listed below are conclusions I came to as well as facts/information I have absorbed over time. If your curious about the validity or are interested in substantiating any of the information listed below you can give google a whirl, tis a fine tool for ascertaining desired information. This write-up isn’t about convincing, its about sharing.
Am I Vegan for my health? Am I Vegan for my planet? Am I Vegan for the Animals? The answer: All of the above and then some! Will keep this relatively short and sweet. It all started for my health and health alone. Being in the fitness and health industry this has always been an area of interest and self betterment, if you will. Once I found out a Vegan lifestyle could reduce chances of cancer and disease by upwards of %70 it was a no brainer. Not to mention learning the plethora of homeopathic/natural cures for countless diseases. If your body has the wherewithal to create dis-ease it certainly has to ability to create “ease of disease” if cells are properly nourished. Thats the short and sweet version, I could sit here and reel off study after study and case after case but again thats what good ol google is for.
Vegan for the planet, that came next. I keep hearing how there are clean water shortages worldwide and now theres a big one happening in California right in our very own US of A! Although its not our first brush with water scares its our most recent. So simply put once I found out these little factoids below going Vegan for the planet was a no brainer.
1.Factory farming consumes the majority of ALL clean water and ending factory farming today could end global water shortages worldwide TODAY.
2.The majority of grain that could be used to feed all the starving/dyeing men women and children of the world is used to raise factory farmed animals for slaughter. We could quite literally end ALL WORLD HUNGER TODAY!
3.Fuel shortages, oh my! We use more fuel in the process of factory farming then all automotive use worldwide. If we were to stop factory farming there would be no shortage or even projection of shortage in the near future. Electric cars are great and all but far from the answer we need.
4.We are quite literally destroying our planet. One example is we hear about the rainforest being chopped down and slowly disappearing, its not for lumber folks its for land to factory farm cows, SURPRISE.
5.Green house gases are causing global warming as well as having many other devastating effects on our planet, yes gasses emitting from factory farming trump that of all auto emissions world wide.
Thats as good start as to why Im Vegab for my plant.
Lastly Vegan for the animals? Yeah for the animals, those big ,dumb, living, breathing, feeling sentient beings with central nervous systems much like ours. If your not ok Jamming a meat hook through a golden retriever and watching it struggle cry and suffer to death you should not be ok with it being done to  cow, pig or any other animal….i made sure to say “being done to” because I  was going to say “seeing it being done to” but lets be honest we don’t kill our own animals we hire others to do our dirty work for us, thus we never have to see it so that verbiage went out the window. Once one sees what truly happens in slaughter houses meat is quickly given up unless your one of the few that blocks it out because the compulsion for eating cooked rotting flesh is so strong. .  All creatures feel a sense  of love/peace and pain/fear. Indeed their brains cannot rationalize their mortality and analytrically contemplate there imminent death but they can sure feel that heart wrenching sense of fear and extreme stress as death surly approaches an they watch there own being bloodied and butchered before there very eyes. I don’t know who told you that you were meant to be a carnivore because your not, like all creatures we are geared for survival at any cost and at one point eating meat was a necessity and now it is surly not.
 I don’t know how told you that the divine spark that lyes within you does not lye within all things because it does. Regardless of your religious belief they all point to this.
Please understand because your are socially and culturally conditioned to think this treatment of other living beings is ok does not make it so. Not long  ago a it was sociably acceptable to own, breed and torture other human beings we called slaves ,not so much now. I hear this line all the time “but meat is so yummy” Guess what sex feels good also but it doesn’t make it ok to rape someone because your enjoy it…Perhaps one would consider this an extreme example but to those living feeling beings that are being slaughtered in the BILLIONS I’m sure its not so far fetched of an example…….
I hope this gives those whom are curious some insight as to why I’m Vegan. Once you know you cannot un-know. Once the light of consciousness has shined upon your heart there is no going back to that place of cold dark ignorance. Find your humanity, find your love and be the change. What you do matters and makes a difference. Every choice you make will echo throughout this planet and effects us ALL one way or another. Please, I implore you…… if you won’t slash the throat of a baby calf in front of your children don’t allow someone to do it behind their back .