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July 2017

Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle – 3 Useful Hacks


Currently, the Vegan movement is stronger than ever, and the number of people transitioning over to a vegan lifestyle is growing every single day. This is extremely promising, though in terms of health and fitness, making the initial transition over to veganism can be difficult. The good news however, is that it certainly isn’t impossible. This essentially means that, with a few lifestyle and diet tweaks here and there, you can easily make the transition over to a vegan lifestyle without hindering your workouts and your gains in the process. If you’re thinking of making the switch, here are 3 useful hacks to make your transition that little bit easier.

Make sure you know your protein sources – If you’re looking to continue with your training and are looking to make some solid gains in the gym, protein is vital. Now, there are people out there who claim that vegans can’t build muscle because they can’t get enough protein in, but this is complete nonsense. There are many great sources of vegan-friendly protein, including nuts, legumes, seeds, beans, and lentils. On top of that, there are vegan-friendly protein powders like hemp, brown rice, or pea protein, plus there are all-in-one vegan protein blends. Make sure the majority of your protein comes from whole sources, and finish things off with one or two vegan-friendly protein shakes per day and you’ll be well on your way to Gainsville one again.

Use ingredients you enjoy – Even if you’re currently not a fully-fledged vegan, there’s a good chance that many of the ingredients you eat and enjoy on a daily basis are indeed vegan-friendly, which already gives you a great head start. When you make the transition, look for vegan-friendly recipes which contain ingredients that you know you currently enjoy. For example, if you enjoy broccoli, look for vegan-friendly broccoli dishes and try your hand at making them yourself. It very much is a matter of trial and error to begin with, but if you are using ingredients you know you enjoy, there is a much stronger chance of you actually enjoying the foods you’re eating.

Fuel your workouts and never skip meals – When you’re training hard, you of course need energy, protein, and nutrients to not only fuel your workouts, but to assist with the recovery process as well. For this reason, choose the right foods based upon your training regime. If you train early in the day, a bowl of natural oatmeal with almond milk, mixed nuts, fruit, and seeds, will provide energy by the bucket load, and you’ll smash your workout like never before. If however, you’d skipped breakfast, or simply grabbed a small piece of fruit, your energy levels would have sucked, and you wouldn’t have gotten all that much done in the gym. As a vegan, you need to ensure you are getting the right nutrients in at the right time, so either prep your meals in advance, or allow enough time to prepare them when you need them.