Elite One-on-One Coaching Program

My Elite one on one coaching is for those of you who need to work much more closely with me. It’s the most comprehensive coaching package I offer in terms of communication, support and accountability.

To give you a brief idea of what this coaching entails I’ll give you an explanation below (My base one on one coaching is a great fit for most, again this is my most intensive coaching package with the most access to myself for support, please make sure to review my base on on on link before applying https://consciousmuscle.net/shop/programs/one-one-coaching/ )

Elite one on one Coaching entails:

1. Rather than receiving your programming in PDF form via email everything is done in an all inclusive app. Here you will be able to access your nutrition, training, tracking statistics as well as direct messenger to myself.

2. Rather than tracking statistics via email this app has an all inclusive tracking system where we will have charts/graphs to note your progress in real time, we can go as far as the integrate your smart watch, track your steps as well as calories, things we will all discuss on your call should you apply.

3. With your training you will have to all of your workouts/exercises clearly outlined for you. All training days include example videos and specific repetition/set instructions. Another great function is you’re able to record your weight so we can track your progress as we go.

4. Rather than 24 hour email responses with communication we will have a direct messenger so you can expect prompt responses within a few hours to make sure we address questions as they arise and keep you moving in full force.

5. Every single Monday I will be checking in with you to see how you are doing & feeling. It’s very important for me to keep my finger on the pulse and ensure you get the support you need and stay motivated throughout this journey. Every other week we are going to assess all of your updated statistics, pictures as comfortable as well as measure other victories. For example the way clothing is fitting, increases in strength/energy & more than that, how you are feeling. Everything works synergistically so for me it’s not just about looking your best but feeling your best and being your best.

If you have any thoughts or questions please do not hesitate to reach out, you can reach me directly with the contact form on my front page or consciousmuscle@gmail.com. If you’re ready to make a lifelong sustainable change for the better, fill out the application below to apply.

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