Conscious Muscle Animal Rescue



Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this. The majority of you already know who I am and what i’m about (Instagram @Conscious_Muscle) . Besides spreading Veganism in every facet of  my life including bodybuilding I am an animal rights advocate. Over the last couple of years I started rescuing animals and have built out my own animal sanctuary/rescue (Instagram @LilyAndFriendsRescue)
I do what I can for these animals and would like to do more. I have plans within the first few months of 2018  to purchase 5+ acres so I can start rescuing more animals as well as larger ones such as horses, donkeys and cows. Once land is picked out and specifics are known in terms of exact costs I will post everything to share with all of you as it arises as you are as much a part of this as I am and I am so grateful for this!


EDIT: Originally I was looking to get 15+ acres but after searching for property and taking into account logistics and the practicality of upkeep 5-7 acres is the best option so I can ensure that the animals I rescue receive the best attention and care possible.