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Update-It all started a few years ago on a small piece of land here in South Florida with a rescue Pitbull and a couple pigs we rescued from slaughter. I saw terrible things all around me and like most vegans and animal activists I wanted to do something about it…….So I did! From there we grew to rescue goats, mules, chickens, ducks, turkeys and more piggies. It got to the point where we couldn’t take in any more animals because of land availability & overcrowding, we wanted to ensure the rescues that live here at @FriendsNotFoodRescue have the best quality of life so more land was needed. After what some of these animals have been through it’s incredibly important to us that the rest of their lives be the best of their lives.

More animals need our help and we answered the call. Together we did it! We were able to get a 5 acre property to expand the sanctuary so we can do so much more. I have put all of myself into this and without your continued generosity and support none of this would be possible. WE made it happen! 

Now that we have the land the real work begins. It’s a lot of work but it’s definitely a labor of love, I’m continuously building fencing and getting everything ready so we can continue giving forever homes to animals that need our help. Thankfully there are some amazing vegan activists who come and volunteer and help me with this work! 

Your continued support on Patreon ensures we are able to give our current rescues the best quality of life ranging from veterinary care, feed, housing and most important of all love & attention. This Patreon also helps cover the growing costs of the new property, it’s construction and everything needed to continue rescuing . To EVERY single one of you I am grateful beyond words. Together we are making a real impact and saving lives, thank you! #VeganForTheAnimals #VeganForEverything

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Helps with our most priority projects. For example, the stall being built for Leroy.

Helps with the day-to-day cost of caring for these rescues.

A way to donate directly to help with any and all costs associated with rescuing and caring for animals.