New Elite Coaching Program - Conscious Muscle

New Elite Coaching Program

$500.00 $400.00

This new package is for those of you who need closer contact and more accountability. You will work very closely with me on this journey as we yield results and reach your goals in full force.

The Elite Coaching includes:

-Personalized Nutrition designed around your body and goals, further customized based on your feedback and preferences to make sure everything is a perfect fit.

-Personalized training designed around your body and goals and the equipment your home/gym has available. Based on your feedback we further customize this as well adjusting exercises/substituting as needed to make sure everything is a perfect fit.


-Like the one on one coaching package below this one we do biweekly check-ins with all additional statistics to track progress made and make adjustments as & if needed results dependant. We take this a step further for accountability in tracking purposes with this elite package.

-Aside from the checkinns outlined above biweekly, we also touch base weekly to see how you were doing in terms of motivation and staying on track. I actually reach out to you in this regard for accountability purposes and so I can keep a better pulse on how you are doing.

-Another thing we do with this package that we do not do with any others is a phone call prior to beginning to review everything, go over any questions and make sure everything is a perfect fit. I’ve noticed many people communicate more productively speaking so I  include this for my elite clients.

-You do not have to take it vantage of these but I also include weekly phone calls just because I know some people compile questions and would like to bounce information off me to get my thoughts so you have one 30 minute call a week included should you desire.

-You also receive priority for correspondence above all other clients for when questions arise. You’re paying for an elite service and I certainly provide that.

If you are ready to embark on this journey of progress and transformation I’m ready for you if you are ready for me!


(although the first month of coaching is $400 each continued month is a discounted rate of $150. There are no contracts or commitments, my thoughts are is if you are yielding your desired results you will continue working with me)



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