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One on One Coaching


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Get the best of everything – Let’s set you up for success!

Your personalized program covers Nutrition, Training, Fitness Coaching, Check-Ins, and Support with continued coaching.

We’ll start with a questionnaire once your purchase is completed, where I will get all of the information I need to set up a customized program for you.

Nutrition- A personalized macro nutrient profile nutrition guide/menu designed around your body and goals for the most optimal of results! This includes your detailed macro nutrient profile which is then translated into a menu with multiple options throughout with foods I know to be ideal for results. Once I send you what I feel to be optimal we then review everything and based on your feedback I adjust to make sure everything is a perfect fit prior to beginning! This takes into account substitutions, food preferences and so forth.

Training- Your personalized training routine to compliment your nutrition for maximum progress once more based on your body, goals and training availability (gym and home based workouts available, for the home based routine I designed it around the equipment you have available which can be comprised of bands, dumbbells, kettle bells & so on. Bodyweight routines  are also available.

Modifications to your training and nutrition as needed based on your feed back to ensure everything is the perfect fit.

Check-ins, tracking & accountability-  With your beginning questionnaire you will receive a set of statistics to track your progress so we can adjust your program as needed for maximal progress. Even if no adjustments need to be made to your menu via your check-ins you will still receive a new training routine every 30 days while coaching in order to continue shocking your body into continued results.

Your own private fitness coach- You will have me as your one on one private fitness coach to answer questions as they arise as well as to ensure you are on track and moving towards your goals.

Continued coaching-  Your initial One on One coaching is a payment of $150. Should you want to continue coaching and making progress after the first month your additional months thereafter will be a discounted rate of $90 per month of coaching. There are no contracts or commitments, I don’t feel the need for them because the results will speak for themself.

When ready for continued coaching all you have to do is reach out and i will personally send you a discounted invoice to keep you moving in full force.

Support- Aside from myself coaching you, you will also receive an in depth FAQ as well as access to a Conscious Muscle Facebook support group.

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